Frequently Asked Questions

“What does having access to my doctor” mean?

Having access to your doctor means having a direct and personalized line of communication with your primary care physician whenever you need it. It means having the ability to reach out to your doctor for medical advice, consultations, and follow-ups, whether through secure messaging, phone calls, or virtual visits. Access to your doctor ensures that you have a trusted healthcare partner who knows your medical history, understands your unique needs, and is readily available to address your concerns, provide guidance, and coordinate your healthcare journey.

Does Exceptional Health take insurance?

Yes, Exceptional Health takes all major insurance plans with the exclusion of Medicaid. As a member of the Mass General Brigham network, Exceptional Health is considered in the network for most of our members.
Any co-payments, insurance deductibles, and non-covered clinical services would be the responsibility of the patient as determined by their insurance company. Any medical services rendered are billed through our parent company, Private Healthcare Group, LLC.

Does Exceptional Health accept Medicare?

Yes, Exceptional Health accepts Medicare and accepts most Medicare supplemental plans.

Does Exceptional Health bill me for blood work?

Any specimen collected in the office is sent by courier to Newton Wellesley Hospital where they are processed and billed though the hospital to your insurance company. Access to results and any potential balance billing will be available through Patient Gateway.

What happens if my doctor is sick or on vacation?

If one of our providers is sick, another doctor within the practice would cover. If that is not possible, we have a partnership with 3 other concierge doctors within a 4-mile radius.

Can my doctor refer me to a specialist outside of the Mass General Brigham Network?

Yes, we will make referrals to any specialist that would be the best fit for whatever your needs are. We do not limit referrals to any specific network.

Is my membership fee due in full and is it payable with a credit card?

No, the membership fee is not required to be paid in full. We do have a quarterly payment schedule that patients can select when joining and upon the annual renewal of their membership. And yes, we do accept either credit card or check payments for the membership fee.

Can I pay my membership fee with a Health Savings Account (HAS) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

Since your membership fee does not cover any professional services provided by the practice, the membership fee is not covered by insurance. The amenities and enhancements provided with your membership are distinct from any services covered by your health insurance plan. However, patients can submit the membership fee to any FSA or HSA plan in which you participate. Exceptional Health makes no representation that any part of the membership fee will qualify to be reimbursed from any such account. It is the member’s responsibility to receive approval from their benefits administrator as to the amount that may be reimbursable.

If I need testing or consultation referral, who does that?

Our office takes care of any scheduling, referral(s), prior authorization, registration, and coordination of any testing or appointment needed with a specialist.

Do you offer telemedicine or virtual visits?

Yes, we offer visits through Patient Gateway, Zoom, and Doximity, all of which are hipaa complaint and secure.

Can Exceptional Health provide help if I’m out of town?

Yes, we can help! Whether you’re 3 miles or 3,000 miles away, we are here to provide you with care through whatever health issue you are experiencing.

How does access to specialty providers and referrals work?

When a patient requires specialized care, our dedicated team takes charge of coordinating appointments with top-tier specialists, ensuring timely access and reducing wait times. We have established strong relationships with a network of trusted specialists, enabling us to make tailored referrals based on each patient’s specific needs.

In an emergency, what hospital can I go to?

Of course, you should go to the nearest hospital for any medical condition that could be life threatening. However, in most instances, a conversation between you and your physician takes place as to which institution would be best equipped to meet your needs.

Do you provide same-day or next-day visits?

Yes, we believe that when something goes wrong and you have a medical issue arise, a speedy solution from someone you trust is the most important.

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