Concierge Healthcare Services Near Newton MA

You’ll find Exceptional Health is just a short drive from Newton, MA. We are here to elevate the concept of primary care in Wellesley Hills and the surrounding area. Our dedication is to offer an unmatched healthcare experience meticulously customized for the distinctive needs of our community. Emphasizing individualized care and thorough medical attention, we commit to managing your health with meticulous detail and responsiveness.

Exceptional Health is easy to find in Wellesley Hills.

Personalized Healthcare Near Newton

Exceptional Health Physicians committed to building strong doctor-patient Relationships

We recognize that wellness is more than the absence of disease. It’s about thriving in your environment and enjoying a quality of life that only balanced health can provide. That’s why we develop personalized wellness plans that address nutrition, exercise, mental health, and preventive care. Our plans are designed to fit seamlessly into your life, making wellness an accessible and enjoyable part of your daily routine. Exceptional Health is worth the short drive from Newton.

We believe that healthcare should be as unique as you are. That’s why our Concierge Healthcare services are also designed to provide you with 24/7 access to your dedicated physician. Whether you need same-day appointments or have urgent medical inquiries, our responsive team is always just a call away.

A Healthcare Experience Like No Other

  • 24/7 Physician Access: Immediate medical attention whenever you need it, and just 10 minutes from your home or office in Newton.
  • Same-Day Office Visits: Urgent care with the convenience of being seen on the same day.
  • Personalized Attention: Tailored care plans from physicians who know your health history intimately.
  • Travel and Telemedicine: Continuous care, whether you’re at home or traveling.
  • Wellness and Lifestyle Guidance: Customized advice to enhance your life, focusing on nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

Primary Care for All Your Needs

Our primary care services near Newton, MA go beyond the conventional. Catering to a limited number of patients, we offer a meticulous approach to your health, ensuring that you receive the time and attention you deserve. From in-depth consultations to personalized wellness plans, our Newton Primary Care is all about you and your health journey.

Your health journey begins with an in-depth consultation that goes beyond the usual check-up. Our experienced physicians take the time to understand your medical history, lifestyle, and health goals. We believe that a thorough understanding of your background is key to crafting a care plan that works specifically for you.

Comprehensive Administrative Support

For those in Newton managing chronic conditions, our primary care services offer consistent, comprehensive support. We work with you to monitor and manage your condition, reducing the risk of complications and improving your overall quality of life. Our proactive approach aims to empower you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your health.

Besides, prevention is a cornerstone of our primary care services. We provide a range of health screenings designed to catch potential health issues early when they’re most treatable. From routine blood work to more specialized tests, we ensure that you have access to the necessary preventive measures.

Exclusive Membership Benefits at Exceptional Health

Becoming a member at Exceptional Health in Newton opens the door to a realm of healthcare that prioritizes your time, convenience, and comprehensive care. Our membership model is designed with an exclusive cap of 400 patients per provider, ensuring that each member receives the prompt and personal service they deserve. Here are the key benefits that our members enjoy:

  • Tailored Appointments: Up to 80 minutes for checkups, 40 minutes for standard visits.
  • Minimal Wait: Average waiting time under 10 minutes.
  • Virtual Visits: Convenient care from home for those who can’t travel.
  • Same-Day Appointments: Quick scheduling for urgent health concerns.
  • Direct Physician Contact: Phone or email responses within 24 hours.

Coordination with Specialists

Should you require specialized care, we coordinate closely with a network of esteemed specialists. Our team ensures that you receive integrated care across all disciplines, making your health journey smooth and stress-free.

At Exceptional Health, we are committed to providing you with a healthcare experience that is comprehensive, attentive, and centered around your individual needs. Join us and discover a primary care service that is truly exceptional.

Why Choose Exceptional Health Near Newton?

  • Get care that’s made just for you and your health needs.
  • Have quick, easy appointments in a calm and comfortable place.
  • Use our online doctor visits to get care without leaving your home.
  • Get fast answers to your health questions within a day.

If you’re ready to experience the best in concierge healthcare in near Newton, MA. Reach out to us at or give us a call at 781-772-5500. Our doors and lines are always open for the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does concierge healthcare differ from traditional healthcare?

Concierge Healthcare offers a more personalized relationship with your provider, shorter wait times, longer appointments, same-day visits for urgent needs, and direct communication with your physician.

Is Exceptional Health’s Concierge Healthcare right for me?

If you value a close relationship with your healthcare provider, personalized and attentive care, and the convenience of quick access to medical services, Concierge Healthcare could be an excellent fit for you.

Can I schedule same-day appointments?

Yes, as part of our commitment to accessible care, we offer same-day appointments for urgent healthcare needs.

How do I become an Exceptional Health member?

To become a member, you can contact us directly through our website or by phone to discuss membership options and begin your enrollment.

Do you accept insurance at Exceptional Health?

Yes, we accept most major insurance plans, except Medicaid. Co-pays, deductibles, and services not covered by insurance are the patient’s responsibility. Any medical services rendered are billed through our parent company, Private Healthcare Group, LLC.

Do I have to pay the membership fee all at once? Can I use a credit card?

No, you don’t have to pay it all at once. We offer a quarterly payment option, and you can pay with a credit card or check.

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